WW-II Veterans - Christian Temple Scrapbook

This scrapbook was donated to the Town of Wellsville and resides in the Town Office. Thanks go to Sylvia LaChance for her scans and transcriptions. These pages depict WW II Veterans that were associated families of the Christian Temple Church of Wellsville NY.
tn_01. Charles M Boyd
tn 01. Charles M Boyd
tn_02. Lawrence S Button
tn 02. Lawrence S Button
tn_03. Mark M Boyd
tn 03. Mark M Boyd
tn_04. Richard H. Boyd
tn 04. Richard H. Boyd
tn_05. Marion K. Bennett
tn 05. Marion K. Bennett
tn_06. Carlton F. Coats
tn 06. Carlton F. Coats
tn_07. Joseph & Kenneth Chalker
tn 07. Joseph & Kenneth Chalker
tn_09. Alvin M. Burner, MD
tn 09. Alvin M. Burner, MD
tn_10. Hugh D. Freer
tn 10. Hugh D. Freer
tn_11. Edwin F Comstock, MD
tn 11. Edwin F Comstock, MD
tn_12. Mason T Dye
tn 12. Mason T Dye
tn_13. Lester H. Dye
tn 13. Lester H. Dye
tn_14. Willis A. Dahlgren
tn 14. Willis A. Dahlgren
tn_15. Arthur H. Downer
tn 15. Arthur H. Downer
tn_16. Frederick S Garthwait
tn 16. Frederick S Garthwait
tn_17. Lloyd D Grames
tn 17. Lloyd D Grames
tn_18. Edwin F Geer
tn 18. Edwin F Geer
tn_19. Raymond E Geer
tn 19. Raymond E Geer
tn_20. Frederick Graves
tn 20. Frederick Graves
tn_21. Paul R Graves
tn 21. Paul R Graves
tn_22. Donald H & Edgar E Hamilin
tn 22. Donald H & Edgar E Hamilin
tn_23. Edgar Hamlin - information
tn 23. Edgar Hamlin - information
tn_24. Jack B Heers
tn 24. Jack B Heers
tn_25. Forrest W Hopkins
tn 25. Forrest W Hopkins
tn_26. Fordyce L Howe, MD
tn 26. Fordyce L Howe, MD
tn_27. Robert E Klang
tn 27. Robert E Klang
tn_28. Alfred Knowles, Jr.
tn 28. Alfred Knowles, Jr.
tn_29. Erwin H Leehman
tn 29. Erwin H Leehman
tn_30. Virgil Lewis
tn 30. Virgil Lewis
tn_31. Instructors and Storekeeper Class 4-43
tn 31. Instructors and Storekeeper Class 4-43
tn_32. William T. Maddren
tn 32. William T. Maddren
tn_33. Harry J Maddren
tn 33. Harry J Maddren
tn_34. John E Marsh
tn 34. John E Marsh
tn_35. Donald F Marsh
tn 35. Donald F Marsh
tn_36. Chester McEnroe
tn 36. Chester McEnroe
tn_37. Donald K Meissner
tn 37. Donald K Meissner
tn_38. Jack C. Miller
tn 38. Jack C. Miller
tn_39. Max H Moland
tn 39. Max H Moland
tn_40. Robert J Owen
tn 40. Robert J Owen
tn_41. John B. Pressler
tn 41. John B. Pressler