Beach Hill (aka Union) Cemetery Union Cemetery - also known as Beach Hill Cemetery is located on Fortner Road in the Town of Willing. More information...

Beach Hill (aka Union) Cemetery

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Graves Cemetery This Cemetery is located on Woodcock Road, Town of Willing. More information about Graves Cemetery, including listings,...

Graves Cemetery

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Hallsport Union Cemetery More information about Hallsport Union Cemetery, including listings, at this link.

Hallsport Union Cemetery

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Shongo Cemetery Two adjacent cemeteries make up the Shongo Cemetery - The Walden Cemetery and The Jenison-Hawks-Stephens-Peet Cemetery....

Shongo Cemetery

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Stannards Cemetery Stannards Cemetery, NYS Route 248, Town of Willing. Photos courtesy of Amy Burgett. More information about Stannards...

Stannards Cemetery

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Stillman Cemetery Located on private property on Route 19 in Willing. More information about Stillman Cemetery, including listings, at...

Stillman Cemetery

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Straight Cemetery Located on a hill in Stone Dam area; If interested in further directions contact Christina Wightman. More information...

Straight Cemetery

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Benjamin Jones (aka Yale) Cemetery Located on the North side of River Road, Stannards, Yorks Corners. More information on the Yale Family Cemetery,...

Benjamin Jones (aka Yale) Cemetery

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Yorks Corners Cemetery "Yorks Corners Cemetery is a small cemetery located across from the Yorks Corners Mennonite Church, in Willing, New...

Yorks Corners Cemetery

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