Austin Driving on Pingrey Hill Road, Town of Andover, Allegany County, on the West Side of Road near the WZKZ Radio Tower Base...


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Boyd Located on Lot 40 Off Jones Road on Left across from Kent Farms (in 2005). Must walk south approximately 1000 yards from...


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Cole-Dike The Cole / Dike Cemetery is located at Elm Valley NY (Originally called "Shoemaker's Corners" - Town of Andover, N.Y....


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Elm Valley

Elm Valley

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Gate of Heaven Cemetery More information on Gate of Heaven Cemetery, including listings, available at this link.

Gate of Heaven Cemetery

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Hillside Cemetery Hillside Cemetery in Andover, N.Y. is located on North Main Street, Top of the Hill on the Right. Photos by Amy Burgett....

Hillside Cemetery

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Krusen Krusen Cemetery aka/Hardy Cemetery - Located on Hillside in wooded area north of intersection of Water Street, Barney...


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St. John's Cemetery Located on Lever Hill, Andover, N.Y.This cemetery is estimated to have nearly 600 burials according to old records....

St. John's Cemetery

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Walker Plot On a hillside overlooking Andover, NY, hidden inside a woodland setting. Thanks to efforts of several Andover residents...

Walker Plot

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